Eight Credits

Eight Credits… that is all it will take for me to get my Associate of Science and Associate of Arts.

This comes as a relief to me, as I realize all those loans I took out when I was young and stupid might not be in vain.

Eight Credits closer to my dream of becoming and English Major. It has always been my dream, since I was in first grade. I dream of not only writing, but teaching others about fiction and literature. I would love to be a professor and help others achieve a dream, that I had all but given up. Until I found out how close I am, to taking another step toward that goal.

On the way to the college campus, I prayed to God, asking for his guidance. Then, the thought of my Grandfather pops into my head, and I clearly hear him say. “Chris, just do what you love.”

That was all the conformation and guidance I needed.



Watch “Don’t Be Perfect – Motivational Video ft Lewis Howes” on YouTube

“The Universe is made up of roughly 94 percent dark matter…there is always something in our lives that is dark matter…we don’t know why these experiences happen to us…when we reflect on it, we realize we would not be were we are today, if it wasn’t for the dark matter in our lives.”

You’re the Writer


   I wanted to share with all of you last nights and tonight frustration. This is a perfect example of why I gave up the first couple times when trying to undertake the daunting task of writing my first novel.

   There is a time sometimes when your manuscript becomes frustrating. It is times like this that I have to take a day or two to take a step back.

   I was reviewing some of what was written, and thought,
   “Jesus, the is the most terrible Dreck I have read! Shit did I really write this?”

   So I took out my pen and started correcting what was written thus far. I noticed several things when reviewing my work.

  1. I use several words as crutches and use them far to often these words include,
   • I
   • It
   • Begin
   • Begain
   • The
   • Look
   • Again

   2. I often created to many short and choppy sentences that can be made into a longer sentence.

   3. More is less. I often have extraneous words that don’t need to be there. For example,

“She felt like she was going to cry. Tears begain to stream down her face.”
It should be….
“Tears stream down her face.”

Why? It’s a little redundant. Don’t you think. Of course she is going to feel like crying before she cries. Do we really need that information? I think the readers can figure out how she feels. Because isn’t that the way anyone feels before they cry?

4. The more I write, the more mistakes I continue to find. So, hopefully the next 10,000 words will need less editing, now that I am learning what mistakes I make as a writer.

5. Oh and punctuation. I use far too many commas.

   This is by far the most challenging task I have ever undertaken. As frustrating as it can be at times, writing is a fun challenge.

  I am driving my husband crazy, talking about my fictional characters, and the flaws they have. Trying to breathe life into them. By the time I am done with this book he will be sick of it because I ask him things like,

“Does this sentence seem ok? Or do you like it better this way. No no wait that doesn’t sound right. I need to take this out. There does this sound better now?”

   These are seriously the arguments and dialouge I have with myself, and my husband. Then he gives me this advice,

“You’re the writer. You figure it out. You can do whatever you want.”

The Alchemy of Music


Picture of My Violin

The Alchemy of Music

My Son picks up My bow and begins to draw the bow across this beautiful instrument. The strings vibrate as he runs the rosined bow across them. “I play the violin, I love violin.” He says. Already at two, He sees and the beauty of this instrument. The same beauty I saw many years ago.

I remember the first time I heard the violin. I was Noah’s age. I remember thinking how beautiful it was. How it sounded like a human voice. I said I wanted to play it too. My parents said I had to wait tell I could reach my hand over the scroll. That I was to little. At three, almost four years of age, my hand could finally reach around the tiny child’s violin. I was excited to play it! I see the same enthusiasm My Son had.

When I got older, I needed a full size violin. As luck would have it, the lady that babysat us (Aunt Gi-Gi) had a old violin. It was her Uncles and in need of some work. It was beautiful and old. (Aunt Gi-Gi would be well into her 90s by now.) She told us it had been sitting in her daughters basement. That no one in her family played the violin, so it hadn’t been used for many years. It looked like it had been played everyday. There was a crack that needed repaired and the pegs were worn. The varnish rubbed off in areas. Once fixed, it had a refined tone that violins only get from playing them for a century or more. This violin speaks and it has a story to tell just like its owners.

I didn’t want to take it with me when we moved into the apartment because it would annoy the neighbors and because working did not allow me to play. I was diagnosed with a vestibular disorder in October. I am not able to work because my disorder gets worse with stress, and heavy lifting. I have many bad days, and very rare is a day when I do not have neck pain or a throbbing migraine, coupled with dizziness, weakness, and the inability to see properly. Until I begin therapy, the doctor said my condition will get worse. Even then my condition will get worse. Therapy just teaches you to compensate. So one day, I dusted off my trusty violin when Noah asked me about it. He wanted to take it with us, so I got a mute and it came home with me.

I started to to play every day again, because Noah insists I play every morning. Something miraculous began to happen. My neck felt better, the migraines were not as frequent, making the dizziness more tolerable. The violin was working out the nerves that were giving me problems. I found out that music is the best therapy.

Then I thought, why did I ever stop doing what I loved? When I wanted to go into music I was told it simply wouldn’t pay the bills. So I did something that would. Now I can’t do that because of my disorder. So was it really worth it? Sacrificing what I love to make more money? I wish I would have listened to my heart. Just like my Son listens to his. I see him with so much enthusiasm and I see the same enthusiasm I had. Nothing seemed to be impossible for him. This is how we achieve success. We decide not to give up.

My Son has taught me two things. Never give up, and if you fail, get back up again an try… Keep trying and try again. So just like when he is learning to play the violin, I must not give up hope and get back up again. Then something clicks and I finally get what music means to me. It is the reason I am here. It is the whole reason Noah was here. If it wasn’t for music, if it wasn’t for the violin, he would have never existed.

Music is what binds our family together. As fate would have it, it is also the reason I am here.

My parents met at church. My Dad was playing the organ, and my Mom was filling in for the choir director. She had just had her appendix out and had trouble getting up to direct the choir. My Dad helped her stand up so she could conduct. They went to Friendly’s afterwords and talked until they closed. A few weeks later they were engaged to married. Then a few years later I was born, and my Brother followed two years later.

Mike and I met at work. We exchanged books as well as stories for several week before we finally decided to go out with each other. We talked until closing time at the Winking Lizard. Our mutual love of music strengthened our bond. We listened to Mozart and other classical composers into the wee hours of the morning. We also went to a friends house, and they had a guitar. Mike began playing and I began to harmonize. Shortly there after, I showed him my trusty old violin. I played it for him. Some classical tunes and fiddle tunes alike. We were music nerds. A perfect fit for each other!

Noah hears the same music his Grandparents heard. The same music his Parents heard. He hears the story it has to tell. The magic and alchemy of music itself.

Musicians are like alchemists. Putting the elements together to create a beautiful healing piece of music. When these elements are put together and played to express emotion of great depth, they can be enough to move an audience to tears because of the beauty or, they can heal a person’s pain and sorrow.

I have a theory on why this happens. The universe according to string theory, subatomic particles do not exist. The universe is made up of strings that vibrate. As Noah draws the bow across the string I begin to wonder if this is why music has healing properties. Can it possibly allow the strings that our body is made out of vibrate, and therefore make us feel with every fiber of our being, the music we are playing or hearing? Quite possibly could it allow those strings to vibrate differently and heal us in ways that science has to discover? I believe so. This is the Magic of music we have yet to discover. We have already discovered so much.

As I teach my Son to play and he draws the bow across the string, I now realize the alchemy of music. That it truly has healing properties. That Noah feels the same properties I felt years ago. That he feels the love, sorrow, pain and joy, that has flowed through the violin as he draws the bow across the strings. Music is what holds us together by many strings. We never really choose music or to play and instrument. It chooses us. At the lowest point of our lives, it reminds us of how it strings us together, and it gives us hope. The hope I had so many years ago. The complete and utter joy of the alchemy of music.

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Book Reivew- Fall in Love With Writing


Find her blog here: Juni Desireé

Find Her Facebook here: Juni Desireé Writer

Find My Amazon Review and her book here: https://www.amazon.com.au/Fall-Love-Writing-Taste-writing-ebook/product-reviews/B019CDRZXA/ref=dpx_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1

I just wanted to share this book with all of you, and why it is so special to me. In 2014 I started my blog. Juni found some of the things I had written on here and asked if she could use some of the things I wrote on here for her book. I was happy to oblige. Shortly after I started my blog, I gave up writing. I came across her book and started to read it. I was reminded of all the reasons I began writing in the first place. I questioned the reasons why I stopped blogging and began to blog again. However I decided to make a few changes.

I decided I was no longer going to hide behind my pen name, (Victoria Christian; V.C. Christian.)  I decided to quit living in fear. I feared rejection, but I also thought,

“Oh God, what if someone likes what I actually write?”

That is one of the reasons I wrote under a pen name. Writing under my real name would help me get over this fear.

Reading this book, inspired me to continue writing. This time I am determined and I am not giving up.

I wanted to send out a personal thank you to Juni for reminding me of all the reasons I picked up the pen in the first place. Thank you for inspiring me to write again!


Be Like a Child


Somewhere in our lives we forget to truly live. I think that begins when you start going to school. These politicians and board members who sit behind desks all day, working for corporations dictate to teachers how children should be taught. “Common Core” teaches you that this is the way you have to learn. What those people sitting behind the desk don’t understand is everyone learns differently.

It is in the classroom that creativity is stopped. They kill your dreams. They kill your dreams and creativity because they do not want you to think for yourself. A large group of people thinking for themselves is dangerous. For they have the ability to change the world.

Be like a child who has not had their soul crushed. Be fearless. Have faith, and know that you are worthy. Follow your dreams. Live dangerously. Love like you have never loved before. It is in this way you will be able to change the world. It is never to late to start living the life you always have dreamed of having.

What is dream did you give up? Why?
Please leave your comment below.

Watch “Tinie Tempah – Written In The Stars ft. Eric Turner” on YouTube

Inspirational song. “It’s written in the stars, keep shouting tell they hear you out.”

What is the one thing you are hungry for? Please leave you comments below.

Believe in Magic


  My blog name “Snapshots of a Life,” is inspired by the memior of my life I am currently working on.
   When I write, I like to think of a book as a series of short stories. I like to fashion my stories in such a way, that you can pick a chapter anywhere in my memior, and read it independently of the collection.

   I like to think of our life as a camera, and the memories of snapshots. A glimpse into our lives. I love writing true stories, but I also love fiction.

   The reason I love fiction is you can create anything you want. Different characters, different worlds and then imagine how they will react to different situations. This creates the plot.

   I draw inspiration from real life, as you can see and read about in my previous blog entry. I feel that this makes a story more authentic. My goal in writing fiction is to find a universal truth in everyday life, then turn that truth into a story.

   I believe to do this, you must look at life through the eyes of a child. Like the world around you is a magic place. That is where you find truth. Through truth, you find your voice.