Welcome to Kindergarten!

Our summer adventures are gone, now it’s back to school. It makes me sad to think, that I will get to spend less time with you. But that’s part of growing up I guess, your adventure has just started. Our summer has gone so fast. Now it’s back to school, Where you will learn andContinue reading “Welcome to Kindergarten!”

Accountibility- Why is it so important when writing?

Holding yourself accountible is necessary for any kind of success. When you are a writer, setting goals and dedlines for yourself will help push you to write and light a fire under you, causing you to write everyday. One of the big things I have struggled with is finding time to write everyday. Life happens.Continue reading “Accountibility- Why is it so important when writing?”

Free Book Promotion

https://m.facebook.com/Snapshots.of.a.Life/?ref=bookmarks#!https://m.facebook.com/nt/?id=%2Fpages%2Foffers_details%3Foffer_id%3D849839012050696&__tn__=HH-R Please check out The Grandfather Tree on Amazon Kindle. It is a Chrildrens book I wrote for my Son. We are so excited that we can view it on the Kindle now! Please leave a review in exchange for the free book. Share it with as many people as you can! The promotion runsContinue reading “Free Book Promotion”