Alice Hoffman- Magic Lessons

Current Read… Alice Hoffman Magic Lessons. One of my Favorite Authors. If you liked this book you can read her other books… Practical Magic, and The Rules of Magic She has a fourth book in the Practical Magic Series Coming out in October, you can pre-order on Amazon. If you liked Magic Lessons you mightContinue reading “Alice Hoffman- Magic Lessons”

Free Book Promotion

June 23-24 I am running a free promotion for the ebook on Amazon. Please share, and review the book, and comments and feedback please do feel free to share! Support local independent Artists and Authors please and share. You can find my book here!

Press Pause. Begin Play.

Everything was put on hold when the lock down happened. People went into their homes to protect the immune compromised, the elderly, the little ones. Some people grumbled about it, others followed because they understood what it means to protect the weak. But many people fail to see the opportunity we have been given toContinue reading “Press Pause. Begin Play.”

Stories from the Pandemic

What have you learned from the pandemic? I would love to hear your stories… Please send an email to with your name and story. I would like to start working on and feature a section with all of your stories, and a place for discussion. A sort of support group and system for everyoneContinue reading “Stories from the Pandemic”

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Our summer adventures are gone, now it’s back to school. It makes me sad to think, that I will get to spend less time with you. But that’s part of growing up I guess, your adventure has just started. Our summer has gone so fast. Now it’s back to school, Where you will learn andContinue reading “Welcome to Kindergarten!”