Twin Peaks Fans- Get out those golden shovels!

Twin Peaks Fans, get out your Golden Shovels!

If any of you know me, I am a huge Twin Peaks, and by default a David Lynch fan… and wow. The more I watch, the better and better it gets. I love the pop culture references, and I couldn’t help but think, doesn’t Dr. Jacoby seem a lot like Alex Jones?

My Mother and I sat on the couch, laughing and crying at the misfortune that befell Dr. Jacoby. When he brought out his flashlight, and started talking about conspiracy theories, we both lost it.

The golden shovel, to shovel your way out of the shit topped the cake.

I think besides the third episode, and Coop hitting the jackpot and saying… “HELL-OOo-ooo!” was by far one of the funniest things I have seen in a while.

I can not wait to see if Agent Cooper regains his memory, and to see what happens to the “Evil” Cooper.

If you have not already, check the series out, and Mark Frosts book… “The Secret History of Twin Peaks,” to refresh or catch up on the old series! Don’t forget to grab your golden shovels!

What do you think of the new Twin Peaks series so far?


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