Coming Soon!


I am excited to say their are major updates coming to my blog! I am starting to get really serious about my writing. There were some unforseen things that happened in my life that really have given me no choice but to write. New updates coming soon are…

  • Revisions and editing on posts
  • Social Media websites and other Accounts. So you can follow me on Facebook too!
  • Updates along the way about the challenges I face as I am trying to get my work published.
  • I would love to allow guest bloggers as well, to encourage others to write and follow their dreams.
  • Getting over my fears. I have been writing under a pen name. I will no longer be doing that, and you will get to see the mask I have been hiding behind. The face behind the words!

I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you. My blog and writing is a work in progress. Please bear with me on this endeavor.


Published by victoriachristian2014

I hope to inspire others to write and conquer their fears. It is something I struggle with daily. I hope my blog can be a place that people can share stories. I feel that stories are like snapshots. Small insights into this thing we all call life. Welcome, these are snapshots. Snapshots of my Life.

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