Broken Glass- Part One

Part One

The Glass House She Built


She built a house around herself,

A house of clear glass.

It began to rain,

The sound so deafening she thought it would break her house.

Then a beautiful rainbow formed.


Forming clear glass into multi-colored glass.

It was just an illusion.

The illusion fooled her,

Until a boy,

Not much older than herself wondered,

“What would happen if I threw stones at the pretty glass?”

He threw the stones

And the glass began to crack.

The girl began to cry,

But he never noticed.

Until, the house she built for herself shattered.

She stood there crying.

Tears of blood dripping down her face.

She cried, “How could you! How could you!”

He stood there emotionless with a blank face.

And she stood there battered.



She was


Multi-colored glass.


Beautifully Broken.



Broken Glass- Prologue


Broken Glass




My footsteps echo in the nearly empty foyer. I think this must be a dream. It just doesn’t seem real. From the phone call a half hour ago, to the fire trucks and sirens I hear coming down the road. I tell myself, “No, no. This can’t be my life.” They tell you the first step to accepting loss or grief is denial. “God I am in denial.” I smell smoke… but the first thing that catches my eye is all the paper scattered on the ground, illuminated by the sunlight pouring in the open windows.  The cool breeze from the windows, feeding the smoke and fire wherever it is. I am oblivious to all of that.

All I see are the papers. All I see are pictures. No furniture. Just memories. Shattered memories. Like fragmented glass. The open window blowing these pieces around. Now I see a trash can. Several large folders have been set ablaze, feeding the flames, the smoke. I grab a pot from the stove. It has water in it. The slob must have set it out to soak after last night’s dinner. I pour it over the folders. The ink from the paper begins to bleed through the folders. Just like my heart. Then I saw it. The black book, I turn the first page, and I begin to cry. This was my fucking life. Where did I go wrong? How did we get here? It was not always this way….