Blog Update…

I am going to regular be contributing to a blog that I encourage you to check out. You can find it here at:

Here you can find posts to inspire your creativity as well as tips to improve your writing. I look forward to continuing to write on my personal blog. As always I am looking for ways to expand and improve my writing in different disciplines.

Thanks for stopping by!


Buisness Card Reviews

Coming Soon… 

A review of my new business cards.

I just got a sample pack a couple of days ago from I liked the quality of the card stock so much, that I decided to order some.

I decided to get the mini buisness cards, because I do get people that ask me about my blog when I’m out and about, at family functions, or hanging out with friends. It would be great to have something tangible, like a buisness Card, because chances are they will not remember my site address when they get home. 

Do any of you use business cards, and what company do you have print them for you if you do?