The Adventures of Doctor Penguin

The inspiration behind the story of The Crystal Prince

The inspiration behind the story of The Crystal Prince was formed when my Son was struggling with asthma.

He was very young and scared, not understanding what was happening. Whenever an asthma attack was beginning, he would become so scared that he would begin crying… and that only made it worse.

Nebulizer treatments, seemed to be more effective when this was happening than an inhaler. However we soon found out that the nebulizer made a horrible noise. The companies that produce the nebulizers do a really neat thing, they make them in all different animal shapes. We happened to get a penguin!

Since my Son was scared of the noise, we played with the nebulizer so he was comfortable with it. I thought quickly and started to tell a story to keep my Son calm. I thought about what it would be like to be a child in the current situation. I knew my Son loved stories, so I thought up an elaborate story about how this was a penguin that just wasn’t any penguin. This penguin was a Doctor! I explained to him that he was a special penguin that would make him feel better and if he was really brave an accepted the help from Mr. Penguin… Mr. Penguin would make a trip to the North Pole.

It was around Christmas when all of this was going on and I promised my Son that Mr. Penguin would report all of this to his wife, Mrs. Penguin and his children. His whole family helped the elves at the North Pole and let Santa know about very brave, outstanding children. Children that were so brave they were considered special. Santa would make a special trip just Noah and give him a Christmas present for being such a brave boy.

My Son was very brave that December. After two hospital stays and getting an asthma action plan into place that was appropriate for him, we all could finally have a break from all the sleepless nights that occurred when he was young. My Son had a great Christmas that year, even getting some of his gifts early because he is much braver than some adults I know!

This was the story that saved us and saved him. It is no less important now then it was back then. My Son is fearless, living everyday as if it might be his last. He has taught me to think fast, live in the moment and to let go of the fear I have in my life. That I need to let go and give it to God.

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