To see your soul…

To see your soul walking outside of your body, is a most unusual thing. There he is with a smile on his face, ready to greet the day no matter what life brings his way. In seconds that all can change. It can happen so fast. One minute he was talking. The next minute heContinue reading “To see your soul…”


Fear, a writers worst enemy.

I often find myself making excuses for myself. I can’t write today because… I’m too tired. I have to much cleaning to do. ..not enough time in the day. To busy with my child I need to read some more books before I write. I think the hardest part about writing, is starting. It isContinue reading “Fear, a writers worst enemy.”

Preview of “My Father’s Keeper”

CHAPTER ONE The Accident I got a panicked call from my Father. That was the day that everything changed. I rushed up to the hospital, not knowing what to expect. He was not making sense. “Your father is ok, sir,” the police officer assured me on the other end of the phone. On my endContinue reading “Preview of “My Father’s Keeper””

Celebrating Life’s Small Triumphs

I sit here righting this, at 4 a.m. in the morning because the dizziness has subsided. Last night it was so bad, I felt like I was going to pass out. The room began vibrating back and forth and it was like I was on a bad rollercoaster, one I couldn’t get off of. TheContinue reading “Celebrating Life’s Small Triumphs”

Twin Peaks Fans- Get out those golden shovels!

Twin Peaks Fans, get out your Golden Shovels! If any of you know me, I am a huge Twin Peaks, and by default a David Lynch fan… and wow. The more I watch, the better and better it gets. I love the pop culture references, and I couldn’t help but think, doesn’t Dr. Jacoby seemContinue reading “Twin Peaks Fans- Get out those golden shovels!”

The Problem With College..

Going back to college as an adult is not an easy thing. Calling the perspective colleges you are looking to attend, making sure that the credits will transfer. Making sure they got your transcripts. Then trying to get through to the financial aid office to make sure you have all the documents you need. ItContinue reading “The Problem With College..”