The Alchemy of Music

The Alchemy of Music My Son picks up My bow and begins to draw the bow across this beautiful instrument. The strings vibrate as he runs the rosined bow across them. “I play the violin, I love violin.” He says. Already at two, He sees and the beauty of this instrument. The same beauty IContinue reading “The Alchemy of Music”

Broken Glass- Part One

Part One The Glass House She Built   She built a house around herself, A house of clear glass. It began to rain, The sound so deafening she thought it would break her house. Then a beautiful rainbow formed. Shimmering, Forming clear glass into multi-colored glass. It was just an illusion. The illusion fooled her,Continue reading “Broken Glass- Part One”

Broken Glass- Prologue

  Broken Glass   Prologue   My footsteps echo in the nearly empty foyer. I think this must be a dream. It just doesn’t seem real. From the phone call a half hour ago, to the fire trucks and sirens I hear coming down the road. I tell myself, “No, no. This can’t be myContinue reading “Broken Glass- Prologue”

A Preview of My First Novel

To prevent myself from obsessively checking Submittable, I am working on my experimental fiction novel. Why is it experimental? Might you ask. Because I am doing something different. Something that is way out of my comfort zone as a writer. This book is a psychological thriller, and a coming of age story. I am also tryingContinue reading “A Preview of My First Novel”

A Single Leaf

A single leaf blowing in the wind made a scratching sound as it danced down the pavement. As the snow melted, and spring began it was a reminder of fall. Last year decay still left over. Spring showers would not only bring vegetation to the land, they would wash the decay away as well. IContinue reading “A Single Leaf”

Book Reivew- Fall in Love With Writing

Find her blog here: Juni Desireé Find Her Facebook here: Juni Desireé Writer Find My Amazon Review and her book here: I just wanted to share this book with all of you, and why it is so special to me. In 2014 I started my blog. Juni found some of the things I had written on hereContinue reading “Book Reivew- Fall in Love With Writing”

Be Like a Child

“Be like a child who has not had their soul crushed. Be fearless. Have faith, and know that you are worthy. Follow your dreams. Live dangerously. Love like you have never loved before. It is in this way you will be able to change the world. It is never to late to start living the life you always have dreamed of having.”