Things get better, it just takes time!

I would like to blog regularly, but as my internet usage is limited, (Do to finances) that is hard to do. Things seem to be looking good for us in the future. Both of us are working hard to repair our credit, so our family can get out of this one bedroom apartment! Hopefully withinContinue reading “Things get better, it just takes time!”

The Gift

We did not get approved for the car loan. However, every cloud has a silver lining. My parents, passing on the great legacy my Grandfather bestowed upon them, decided to help us out. My Mother applied for the loan for the new vehicle, since we could have not afforded another car payment anyways, had weContinue reading “The Gift”

A Little Less Rain

Sorry I have been away for so long. My son had some health problems recently without going into detail,  but he is ok now. I have been working a lot to try to pay off debt. It seems like it is a never ending battle. Recently my husband’s car took a shit, and when IContinue reading “A Little Less Rain”