On Marriage- From a Child’s Perspective…


Me and Noah Carosel

Richland Carousel – Mother and Son

Yesterday my Husband and I celebrated our fifth year wedding Anniversary. Our Marriage has been far from easy, and I think we have had every stressor a couple can have. A chronically ill child, myself being ill as well as my husband. Then we had the financial burden that comes along with all this illness. (And is still a burden we are still facing)

This year has been the hardest, but it has also been the greatest because we have each other. I’m so thankful for my family and for my Son, and for the grace God gives us to get through each day, one step at a time.

This Anniversary we Celebrated together as a family. It’s a miracle that we are all still breathing in this air on God’s green earth. What a gift it is to be alive!

We went to the Mansfield Penitentiary, and then the Richland Carousel. Noah was so excited to celebrate our Anniversary with us, and reminded me about something important. The celebration of an Anniversary, is not just about the celebration of a couple, but the celebration of a family.

Noah and Mike

Mansfield Penitentiary – Father and Son

I was six months pregnant with him when we were married. We all came into this marriage as a family. We were all brought together because of this special little guy. As such, our marriage should be celebrated together, and it hardly seems right that we should leave Noah out of it, since he was with us on our special day. Wise beyond his years, and my greatest teacher, Noah always has something to say…

“Mommy I was in your belly, when you, Daddy, and Me, got married to each-other.”

….Yes Noah. That is what marriage is all about. The blending of two families, and the creation of another soul born into this world to bring people together. Family, that is what a marriage is all about when you really think about it.

My Wedding

August 29, 2013 – Our Wedding

I couldn’t think of a more perfect weekend to have a wedding. Every Anniversary I get to celebrate Mother’s Day too, and the greatest gift God has blessed me with- my family.

Noah's Birthday

My Husband – Welcoming Noah into this world


Mother’s Day 2016

  “Hey, How much pizza did you order? Another delivery is here!” My Dad says.

   My Mom opens a door and screams! It’s a happy scream. Then she denies that she screamed. But we all heard her do it. My Brother came home earlier than expected from his job.

   My Mother had been all depressed because she didn’t think my Brother would be home for Mother’s Day. Now being a Mother and having my own Son, I understand how she feels.

   I am a person too that likes having family gatherings, and having everyone there. I too like to cook food, and for the first time this year we actually have a yard so now I can garden and Grill out and repay my Mom for all those times she fed us, and cooked out too.

   My Mom has a theory, the same theory her Grandmother and Mother had. The same theory I have adopted. Cook the food, and people will come. The Kitchen is the heart of the home and it is where the most important time is spent. Eating food and telling stories.

   So happy Mother’s Day to My Mom. The older I get I become more like you, and I’m OK with that because you are a great Mom. As I have gotten older you have become more like a best friend, and you are an amazing Grandmother, to your Grandson. He always knows if he goes to Grandma’s, she has “delicious” food in her kitchen that he would like to taste. We don’t mind you being a food tester either, and when you get tired of cooking or don’t feel like cooking dinner, you can always come over and snitch food from our kitchen, or have a cup of coconut coffee.


Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom, and all other Mom’s out there!