The Joys of Self-Publishing

   I am trying to get my Novel ready for publishing on KPD, and Create a Space, print on demand and I am very frustrated right now. I wanted to share those frustrations with you.    I wrote my book in word, and when I previewed it in Kindle format, I was surprised at whatContinue reading “The Joys of Self-Publishing”

You’re the Writer

   I wanted to share with all of you last nights and tonight frustration. This is a perfect example of why I gave up the first couple times when trying to undertake the daunting task of writing my first novel.    There is a time sometimes when your manuscript becomes frustrating. It is times likeContinue reading “You’re the Writer”

Damn, I need more Coffee!

   The coffee is all gone, and because I need it to write. While everyone is settling in for bed, the demons come out spilling onto the page. Sometimes you can here them in the night. The thunder that booms or the wind that howls. Sometimes it’s just a bump in the night.      Continue reading “Damn, I need more Coffee!”