The Giver

On Christmas, my Son was looking at all the gifts he had received. He pulled out one of the books we had gotten for him. Looked through it and then handed it to me and said, ‘Mommy I think my friend would like this, she needs it more than me. She loves Vampires.’ (It was a Vampireology Book)

It just touched me. He gets a concept that most adults fail to learn. The gift of giving. He couldn’t wait to give his friend this gift. I saw pure joy on his face when he was able to deliver that gift to his friend.

You did good Son. This Christmas you made me proud to be your Mom.


Deck The Halls

My Son, shouts out, “It’s Christmas! ” as he sees that the Christmas trees are being brought out of storage into the house. He is three this year, and this is the first year he has been extremely excited.

I have to tell him to “Calm down” because “It’s not quite Christmas yet.”

“Let’s Help Mommy Decorate the tree.”

Oh LOOK Mommy at ALL the DECORATIONS,” His little voice squeals with excitement.

I do have to say, my Son has a good eye and his placement of the Christmas Décor was quite exceptional.

Later after all the decorations have been hung with care my Son asks,

“Mommy were did all the presents go?”

“Santa has to bring them.”

“Where did Santa go Mommy?”

“To the North Pole to get your presents ready. Do you know why we celebrate Christmas?”




“No. It’s Jesus’s Birthday!”

“So we get to eat cake then Mommy?”

“If you would like too.”

“Christmas is Jesus Birthday!” My Son then goes over to his play stove to cook Jesus a Birthday Cake, and then he pretends his baby doll is Jesus and feeds it to her. From the mouths of Children.

My son was so excited he fell asleep on the couch, and every morning he wakes up he says with joy, “Its Christmas!” I think every day of the year should be celebrated like this with joy and excitement of the good news. Sometimes it takes a child to put things in perspective for you.

So the halls are filled with holiday cheer on this Christmas year, and plenty of cake to celebrate Jesus’s Birthday.


Season of Miracles

Last night my Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, My Husband and I, as well as our son, went to see the Christmas light show in Cambridge Ohio, at the court.

Our son giggled with glee and pointed to the lights as he kicked his legs and bobbed his head. “Look Dat!” He said and pointed every time someone passed us on the sidewalk.

Tears began streaming down his face. It could have been just because he was cold however, he was dressed warmly. I began to wonder if he felt the same way I did two years previously when he was just a seed my tummy.

My boyfriend and I were sitting there in church at the Christmas mass and silent night was being sung. I started to cry as I thought about my Christmas miracle stirring inside of me. I finally got it! The Christmas story is everyone’s story.

I looked at my boyfriend. I felt what I believed was the first flutter of life moving inside of me. I looked at him and said, “I know It’s a boy and we will call him Noah.” I was pregnant and unmarried at the time. People judged me because of this. They didn’t know my boyfriend and I, who later became my Husband. Personally I didn’t care. This was our Christmas miracle

As Noah cried, the memories came back. I remembered that night in church. I cried because our Child was a promise. The promise of a Christmas miracle. Two Christmas before that, we were trying to grapple with the news that I would never have a child. Yet here he is. He must have felt what I felt. Joy and beauty that he was a miracle. My son changed our lives.

I felt what Mary must have felt all those years ago. Happiness that God had blessed her with a beautiful baby boy. She also felt sadness because of those that judged her, because she was an unwed mother.

Noah understands this is the season of miracles. It was also this season of miracles that brought my husband and I together. It was at a Christmas time we
really connected. It was because of Christmas our son is here today.

The Christmas story is everyone’s story. With great pain is great joy. Without pain, there would be no hope. Happiness would cease to exist.

This is the season of miracles. Yours is right around the corner. Never give up hope.