The Magic of a Book

Yesterday -my family and I- we went to the bookstore.

I live for small moments like this… seeing the look of pure joy and satisfaction on my Son’s face, when he discovers the magic found, within the pages of good book.

He takes off running, towards the storefront of the local Barnes and Noble-and then practically runs towards the escalator.

The second story, holds many magical worlds within the pages- just waiting to be discovered.

My Son takes off running, as he reaches the top of the escalator. He sees the brightly colored children’s section…and begins pulling books off the shelves.

He says, “I want to read this one…and this one…I want to read all of them!”

My Husband and I, know how he feels. Between the two of us, we have amassed a small library. We have a room in our house, dedicated to books and music.

Many years later… I find, I still have the same enthusiasm of a small child; whenever I enter a book store, and hold a book in my hand.

I know that one day, my Son will be too old for me to cuddle and read books to him. (That day is soon approaching. He already can read simple words and prefers, to read simple books all by himself.) But, I hope he never forgets the feeling of finding magic and discovering new worlds, all within the pages of a good book.


Book Reivew- Fall in Love With Writing


Find her blog here: Juni Desireé

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I just wanted to share this book with all of you, and why it is so special to me. In 2014 I started my blog. Juni found some of the things I had written on here and asked if she could use some of the things I wrote on here for her book. I was happy to oblige. Shortly after I started my blog, I gave up writing. I came across her book and started to read it. I was reminded of all the reasons I began writing in the first place. I questioned the reasons why I stopped blogging and began to blog again. However I decided to make a few changes.

I decided I was no longer going to hide behind my pen name, (Victoria Christian; V.C. Christian.)  I decided to quit living in fear. I feared rejection, but I also thought,

“Oh God, what if someone likes what I actually write?”

That is one of the reasons I wrote under a pen name. Writing under my real name would help me get over this fear.

Reading this book, inspired me to continue writing. This time I am determined and I am not giving up.

I wanted to send out a personal thank you to Juni for reminding me of all the reasons I picked up the pen in the first place. Thank you for inspiring me to write again!


Believe in Magic


  My blog name “Snapshots of a Life,” is inspired by the memior of my life I am currently working on.
   When I write, I like to think of a book as a series of short stories. I like to fashion my stories in such a way, that you can pick a chapter anywhere in my memior, and read it independently of the collection.

   I like to think of our life as a camera, and the memories of snapshots. A glimpse into our lives. I love writing true stories, but I also love fiction.

   The reason I love fiction is you can create anything you want. Different characters, different worlds and then imagine how they will react to different situations. This creates the plot.

   I draw inspiration from real life, as you can see and read about in my previous blog entry. I feel that this makes a story more authentic. My goal in writing fiction is to find a universal truth in everyday life, then turn that truth into a story.

   I believe to do this, you must look at life through the eyes of a child. Like the world around you is a magic place. That is where you find truth. Through truth, you find your voice.

Review of A Year of Creative Writing Prompts

I love writing prompts! This book has so many good prompts to get your creative Juices going. I wanted to share it with you because sometimes as writers we hit the proverbial writers block, or need something different. Something to get us to think outside if the box. I love this idea, and tomorrow I am going to begin one of the writing prompts.

There are three writing prompts for each day. Morning, Midday and Dinner. I am going to pick a random one, and in the morning try this out. I am excited to delve into this book of writing prompts!

Here is Love in Inks website, and they have a link to their Facebook page on their site as well.