The Truth in Fiction

A wise man once smiled and told me, “You know they say, there is a bit of truth in every piece of fiction that you write.” The wise man smiled and got a twinkle in his eyes and talked about that as I began my own journey of becoming an Author. This wise man was my Grandfather.

I know this is true. I tend to write what I know about life and events that have shaped my life pour out onto the pages. In different ways, of course.

So the truth that has been pouring out onto the pages tonight is perhaps, somewhere between myth and legend. The myth is the mythology of our Ancestors going back to the fall and the Garden of Eden, and the myth that is created is the kingdom and the kings of old, that would fight and lay down their lives for it. Perhaps the battle is one that is waged between enemies and foes, and only the heart of a child is what it takes to break the curse.

As the king passes on -to lands beyond becoming legend- somewhere in the garden a boy begins his journey. So I am writing the mythology of the Crystal Prince, because to me the Garden has more than one meaning.

It’s the place where I go to write, a state of mind. It is the beginning and the end.


Published by victoriachristian2014

I hope to inspire others to write and conquer their fears. It is something I struggle with daily. I hope my blog can be a place that people can share stories. I feel that stories are like snapshots. Small insights into this thing we all call life. Welcome, these are snapshots. Snapshots of my Life.

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