Accountibility- Why is it so important when writing?

Holding yourself accountible is necessary for any kind of success.

When you are a writer, setting goals and dedlines for yourself will help push you to write and light a fire under you, causing you to write everyday.

One of the big things I have struggled with is finding time to write everyday.

Life happens.

Your kid wants attention.

Your family or a friend invites you over.

You get sick, or your child gets sick.

Unfortunately, as a writer a day lost is the equivalent of not showing up to work.

This is something that family memebers and friends don’t understand.

If you want to write and do it for a living, you should treat writing as a job.

I know I’m not making it sound fun and sometimes it’s not.

It’s not fun writing at 2 or 3 a.m. because you were busy with your child, playing outside with them most of the day.

It’s not fun when your tired, sick, or your body wants to go to sleep.

It’s not easy to get out of bed when you have two hours of sleep a night.

But, I promise it will be worth it…

To see the smile on your Child’s face when he can open up the book you wrote and read it.

To get that 32 cents for the first Children’s book you put up on the Kindle store.

It’s all worth it when you see something that you have dreamed of since you were six years old, actually happing…

And you know what the writing, the sleepless nights?

It’s part of the journey. It’s worth it when you love it.

The journey and process of becoming, living fearlessly, doing what you love…

It’s worth it.

I see many sleepless nights in my future and I will make sure August 29, 2019 that that I meet every single goal I set for myself.

I am not only holding myself accountable, but making sure that my readers hold me accountable as well.

The world needs my story.


Published by victoriachristian2014

I hope to inspire others to write and conquer their fears. It is something I struggle with daily. I hope my blog can be a place that people can share stories. I feel that stories are like snapshots. Small insights into this thing we all call life. Welcome, these are snapshots. Snapshots of my Life.

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