Writing Space

My Writing Space

So I finally got my writing space set up this afternoon. I usually work from my tablet, since it is difficult to play with and chase my toddler around the house, with a laptop and keyboard in hand. 

For the nights I can’t sleep or mornings I get up when everyone else is sleeping, I prefer to use my laptop, and type on a full-sized keyboard for several reasons.

I can type faster than I write. This allows me to write more in a shorter amount of time. It also allows me to get my thoughts out quicker. I also find formatting much easier because I can use a mouse instead of my chubby finger, which often selects the wrong thing on the tablet.

I can’t begin to even tell you how much I love One Drive. I can work from my laptop, tablet, or phone. Anytime, anyplace I can work on formatting, editing, and writing my book. 

Future writer in training!

Finally a space to call my own. Two more chapters and two hours later, I feel accomplished. My Son even had to try it out! Possible future writer? Maybe he will take after me.