FREE Book Preview!!

This book is the reason I have taken a hiatus on blogging. I will be blogging more after this book is done, but I need to focus to get this done. Just wanted to let you all know I have not forgotten about you. 😉

Here is a FREE preview of my book Broken Glass. Everyone like free stuff right? So go ahead. Don’t be shy. Check it out and let me know what you think!



Updates coming soon…

   Sorry I have been away for a while. It has been a very busy summer filled with lots of family gatherings and some other things going on. I will all update you soon on my future plans, and write some more musings for you as well. I am also going to be updating my blog with a disclaimer soon, as My Husband and I will be working towards starting a LLC, and getting a vendors licence so we can start our prospective small businesses.