Mash Stories- Rejection Letter.


   So I’m just gonna leave this here…. Second rejection letter, from Mash Stories. I had submitted this story to the writing competition they hosted on the 8th of this month. I just got an email and got this on my submittable account. Unfortunately as with other stories that I have submitted previously, I have gotten no feedback. I find that frustrating.

   The story I wrote for this Mash stories was a stepping stone for changing the name on my blog page to Snapshots of a Life, and it is a story I hold dear because it is based on a simple truth. So moving on from here… I look forward to sharing this story on my page, with all of you later tonight. I think that is where it belongs.

  I am continuing to move forward with my novel I am writing, as well as reading The Story Sisters, by Alice Hoffman. I have not been able to put it down! After I finish it I will also be writing a review for all of you. I feel reading is a big part of writing. You cannot write unless you read. It gives you such an appreciation of the craft, and also ways on which we can improve our writing.


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